How Windows Virtual Desktop is Empowering the Remote Working Revolution

Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote working has to be the trend of the year, and has to a certain extent become the saviour of many businesses during the uncertain times of the past few months.

But when it comes to remote working, the importance of having the right technology to hand cannot be over-emphasised. A streamlined transition from onsite working to working from home is vital so that workers can feel as comfortable and confident working remotely as they do in the office.

One piece of technology that has been making that transition nice and smooth for many workers is Windows Virtual Desktop. This is a remote working tool that allows familiar desktop infrastructure to be delivered to all employees, regardless of where they are working, or what device they are working on.

If you are looking to switch to remote working, or improve the way you already offer home working to your workforce, read on to discover the benefits that Windows Virtual Desktop can bring to businesses of all sizes.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft and powered by Azure. It delivers the same desktop experience workers are familiar with in the office, to any internet connected device, anywhere, any time.

Security and compliance features are built-in for complete reassurance, meaning this service is able to provide a secure virtual desktop to all the end users in an organisation.

Why is a virtual desktop so important for remote working?

Virtual desktop platforms are transforming how people work. They provide a streamlined way to access all the apps, data and documents that are vital to their roles.

But more than that, from a company perspective, a virtual desktop offers a flexible and scalable way to operate from wherever happens to be most convenient at any given time. In addition, because it is a subscription based service, Windows Virtual Desktop has the ability to considerably reduce capital outlay and operational costs.

What are the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop?

There are a number of key benefits offered by Windows Virtual Desktop:

1.      Data is secure

Virtual desktops help to create an additional layer of security when accessing company networks over an internet connection. Instead of relying on the security of the hardware, which if a worker is using their own device could be questionable, Windows Virtual Desktop works via a private cloud network, making it a great deal safer, and negating the need for employees to access data locally.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop provides a secure, trusted platform backed by Microsoft’s robust security infrastructure.

2.      Easier to control

Virtual desktop integration allows IT managers to install fully controlled, policy-based applications on any linked workstation, so there is no need for any individual hardware installations, and everything can be centrally controlled.

In addition, if a worker’s hardware fails, it is straightforward for them to login to the virtual desktop using another device, so there will be no loss in productivity.

3.      Geographical freedom

Working remotely, backed by the robust technology offered by Windows Virtual Desktop, means you won’t ever have to consider geographical location again when hiring new people. It means you can take on the very best personnel for the job, regardless of where they are based.

This will significantly increase your available talent pool, and could help you grow your business and become more competitive.

This freedom of course also extends to existing employees, who are now free to relocate if they so desire, as well as work flexibly. All factors that can boost morale, and therefore productivity.

4.      Reduced costs

A virtual desktop reduces costs in many ways. Firstly, there is a considerably lowered capital outlay. With virtual desktops forming the core of your IT infrastructure, hardware investment drops significantly. Instead of on premise servers, you are using a cloud based service. Not only is this less costly, it’s also a risk-reducing way to work. All the latest software releases come as standard, which means no more software licensing costs. Long term maintenance and hardware replacement fees all become a think of the past too.

Windows Virtual Desktop from KP Computer

At KP Computer, we offer a full installation service for Windows Virtual Desktop, getting your business up and running and ready for the most secure and streamlined way to work remotely.

To learn more, and for a quote for Windows Virtual Desktop plan that suits your individual business needs, you are welcome to get in touch.