Reliable Business Wi-Fi Designed to Boost Productivity

Wi-Fi Solutions have become much more advanced than simply setting up a modem and a router.

At KP Computer, we can expertly configure all your devices in a way that makes them work seamlessly together with our managed wireless internet solutions. If you are frustrated by an unreliable or slow-speed internet connection, poor internet coverage, or your connected devices do not synchronize effectively, our expert team can provide you with much-enhanced Wi-Fi coverage for your entire business or enterprise location.

At KP Computer, we address all your concerns related to the security of your networking and performance issues. We are dedicated to providing the best Wi-Fi Solutions, designed to empower your way of working, whether that’s office-based, remote or on-the-go.

Guaranteed Wi-Fi Coverage

Our wireless internet solutions are tailored to suit all the unique traits of your premises. From size and layout to the construction of the building, surrounding structures and the type and quantity of devices that need to connect, and from where. Your specific requirements will form the basis of our plan, which will be designed to guarantee speedy and stable coverage and capacity to agreed levels.

Quality Assured Connectivity

We know that if you are relying on your Wi-Fi connectivity to support your communications systems such as VoIP telephony, then you’ll need something robust to keep you connected round the clock. You’ll need guaranteed bandwidth, a fully optimised wireless network, and peace of mind in terms of customer service. We offer a range of services, including fully managed options, for total reassurance.

Wi-Fi Network Design

Everything we do is bespoke to your business. Our onsite wireless survey ensures we have the necessary information to design your network. We’ll look at all aspects of your premises and surrounding site, identifying any potential sources of interference so that we can factor this in when setting up your solution. A solution that will ensure you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and peace of mind, at all times.

Seeking a reliable business Wi-Fi solution to boost productivity?

For a seamless system guaranteed to perform to perfection, talk to KP Computer.